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Jeremy Lin Jerseys To Go On Sale In China


And today's last word in business follows up on the business of Jeremy Lin, the Chinese-American sensation for the New York Knicks. You know, if you had a dollar for every news story that has used puns on his name, like linsanity, you would be lincrediably wealthy, but we would never lindulge in such things. So let's go straight to the way people are making money.

Adidas is the exclusive licensed maker of NBA uniforms and fan apparel. Lin's New York Knicks jersey is the number one seller online right now, at $60 a pop. And Adidas has its eye on the even larger market in China.

The California-born Lin is the child of Taiwanese immigrants, making him a star in the world most populous country. Lin jerseys will be ready for sale in China in the next few days, according to Bloomberg News. Lin's popularity will likely mean many sponsorships and lindorsement deals too.

That's the business news on MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Steve Linskeep.


And I'm Linee Montagne.

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