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On Last Day Of NATO Summit, Chicago Prepares For More Protests

Chicago police officers sit in a bus outside the Boeing headquarters in Chicago on Monday.
Robert Ray
Chicago police officers sit in a bus outside the Boeing headquarters in Chicago on Monday.

After a weekend of intense protests, Chicago is bracing for more today. Marking the last day of the NATO summit, protesters planned to demonstrate in front of Boeing headquarters and at a community that could become the site of a detention facility for undocumented immigrants.

The AP reports:

"On the second and last day of the international meeting, commuters heading into the city's Loop business district endured extra security measures and changes to train and bus routes. Many downtown offices told employees to stay home because of the risk of traffic snarls and more protests after a weekend of demonstrations that drew thousands into the streets.

"Most of the protests have been peaceful, but some minor clashes broke out Sunday, when a group of protesters scuffled with police at the end of a long march.

"Monday's protests were expected to be far smaller, but authorities maintained a stepped-up presence throughout downtown and surrounding areas."

The Chicago Tribune reports that early on it seemed like protesters were sleeping in. Still about a dozen gathered early in front of Boeing Corp., which the protesters said was a "war machine."

One protestersthe Chicago Sun-Times spoke to, Keith McHenry, of Taos, New Mexico, was with the organization "Food Not Bombs."

"Billions of dollars are spent on military contracts with Boeing while millions in this country go without food," McHenry told the Sun-Times.

The Tribune reports that over the weekend, thousands demonstrators protested against war, foreign policy and U.S. economic policies among other things. Dozens were arrested and several protesters were left bloodied after clashes with police.

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Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.