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Donald Trump Supporters Share Reaction To His Victory


The people who help Donald Trump become the next president of the United States showed a mix of enthusiasm and hope today. We asked some of them around the country about how they feel and what they expect.

JIM BOYLE: I'm just so happy that he won, and he's going to save our country and in the process probably save the world. You know, he's going to create jobs, going to have law and order. He's going to fix this thing called Obamacare and all the other problems Obama's created.

BRIAN BAKER: Well, I hope that we can hold him to his word. The wall - some of it's going to be built. You're going to see the pipeline built. You're going to see a lot more jobs in areas that have been stifled under the legislation of the current administration.

VELLA PALMER: Well, I'm thrilled. I hope he cleans up his act and cleans a lot of things up.

LOGAN BRADLEY: He's going to restore us as a divided country. We need to come together. And Putin's going to renegotiate talks with us on how to be friends again, really.

DENNIS BAKER: I am a registered Democrat, and I did vote for Trump. We are a country of laws, and it's about time we start living that way. And yes, I'm referencing all of the illegals.

TARA HUMPHREY: I'm just going to pray for the man (laughter). That's all I'm going to do and just hope he doesn't cause a war (laughter).

CORNISH: Those were Trump voters Tara Humphrey from Knoxville, Tenn.; Dennis Baker of Hamden, Conn.


Also Logan Bradley and Vella Palmer in Boise, Idaho; Brian Baker of London, Ky., and Jim Boyle of Portsmouth, N.H. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.