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The Artist's Gallery: A Grand Opening

A painting displaying beautiful autumn colors in Logan.
Vlad Krylov

Cache Valley boasts many gems, from its beauties in nature to its hidden outdoor adventure destinations.  Also lesser-known is the fact that the Valley is home to a thriving community of talented artists. Representatives from the Cache Valley Center for the Arts spoke about the grand opening for their new gallery in downtown Logan. One of their goals: to feature and uncover these great artists.

The new art gallery in downtown Logan, located in the Bullen Center, will be opening after months of dedicated passion and work. Adam Shelton, the Marketing Director for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, says the opening exhibition displays a fascinating variety of works.

“I’ve been walking through as they’ve been setting up and it’s really interesting to see the works of photography standing right next to jewelry, standing right next to ceramics, and all of those arts working together,” said Shelton. “I think it’s like having an all-year-round Summerfest, right indoors.”

Though there isn’t a formal theme unifying these works of art, visitors will appreciate the common unifying fact that all these artists are local artists and many have been inspired by the rhythm and sights of Cache Valley.

The new gallery is named “The Artist’s Gallery.”

“Well the artist’s gallery is named such because it really is their gallery. And the artists stand for the co-op of artists that have joined together and they provide the art, they decide who can be in the art studio. Really it’s run by the artists. The Cache Valley Center for the Arts is the non-profit sponsor for the co-op and it provides them with the opportunity to use this space for this gallery,” said Shelton.

Ned Weinshenker, chair of the Artist’s Gallery Co-operative, says USU Art students will also be allowed to display their work in the gallery. The Caine College of the Arts will jury interested students’ works and two spots will be available for exhibition.

The grand opening on October 10 will coincide with the “Gallery Walk,” a CVCA event which occurs on the second Friday of each even month from 6-9 PM in downtown Logan.