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Making It Big 'Song By Song'

Side view of Lindsey Stiling, with violin in hand and a feather in her hair. Leaning up against a brick wall.
Lindsey Stirling has become a worldwide YouTube phenomenon with over 5.5 million subscribers. We caught up to find out what projects she's been working on.

Violinist, dancer, and self-proclaimed film nerd Lindsey Stirling is the subject of a new, two-part television series called Song by Song. She says this documentary will allow her fans to see a different side of her through the eyes of everyone she works with behind the scenes.

“I really hope that people draw the message of perseverance because I think anyone who is pursuing their dream or is passionate about something, we all have to face the ups and downs of the industry or just life. It talks about that in the documentary and the highs and lows of what I’ve experienced. In order to make it I feel like it takes people who are willing to persevere through the failures and pick themselves up and keep going. Those are the people that are able to find success.”

In her newest album, Shatter Me, she talks about how she drew from specific, vulnerable emotions and events from her life. She says this reflects her development as an artist.

“It takes a little more courage to write in that way because you have to go back and face some of your past. At the same time you have to put it out there for the world to listen to and critique even. But I think that is one of the most beautiful things about creating art and sharing art is that if you share yourself with other people, you hope that they’ll be able to connect with not just your art, but you. That’s pretty powerful.”

Next on the horizon for Lindsey is expanded touring into South America, Asia, and Australia as well as working through the beginning stages of a new album. Even with her world travels, however, she hasn’t forgotten her roots here in Utah.

“Oh man, Utah… you are my peeps!I feel such a strong connection to Utah because that’s where I went to college and lived there after college and so I just want to thank all my Utah people for all your support. The Ovation special comes out next week on Ovation TV on Dish Network and DirectTV so I hope guys all get a chance to check it out!”

Song by Song will air Dec. 9 at 10 PM Eastern.