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Documentary About Artist With Autism Screens In Logan


Their friendship formed through a mutual passion for visual art over a decade ago, but Ben Stamper and Justin Canha inadvertently became collaborators on a film about Justin’s dream to live on his own, and the process of overcoming obstacles associated with Autism.

“I know how to do laundry.  I did a great job cleaning up.  And I know how to get rid of garbage and recycling,” Canha said.

Justin is a talented artist and art educator, with a particular interest in drawing postage stamp sized portraits of cartoon characters and animals. 

Ben Stamper is the director of a new documentary entitled “Don’t Foil My Plans”, which follows Justin as he tries to live independently.

“A large part of what he does is go into elementary schools and teach art, both to children with special needs and children who are neuro-typical, and (children of) all ages,” Stamper said.

“He shows that the Autistic experience is so vastly different than we commonly think of Autism.  Justin is one of the most empathic people that I’ve ever met. (He is) someone who feels so deeply for others, and shows it, and has learned how to express that in his own way.  It may look different, but it’s there, and it runs deep…Justin’s parents and support workers have found the way that works with Justin, but it took a lifetime,” Stamper said.

The filmmakers held a screening for ‘Don’t Foil My Plans’ at Utah State University on Thursday, and plan to release the project upon its completion.