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22-Year-Old College Students To Cover Presidential Inauguration


Erin Cox is a junior at Utah State University studying broadcast journalism. Over the 2016 Christmas break, she received an email from the Utah GOP saying there were tickets available to the presidential inauguration.

“…And it was free, and any college student who knows, free activities are the best activities,” she said. “And so I just signed up and said, ‘Sure, I’d like to go.’”

Cox said 7,000 people applied. She got two of the ticket.

“It’s kind of like a ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/’Jimmy Stewart moment where you’re like, “What? Am I really the one going to Washington? I’m from little Cache Valley,’ she said. “This is not only an amazing opportunity to celebrate what our country is celebrating, which is democracy, but also to celebrate an opportunity to further my education.”

Cox was given the tickets but has to pay for her flight and her accommodation. She’ll be accompanied by her dad, Jeff, who will be her photographer.

“A daddy/daughter date to the presidential inauguration,” she said.

Part of what she hopes to cover at the inauguration will include the support and opposition around the Trump presidency, women’s marches and the millennial point of view.

“I’ve thought about interviewing a lot of millennial. ‘What is your reaction to Trump becoming president?’” Cox said. “I know a lot of people are upset about this election - to hear some of their concerns. I wonder if all of those attending are supporting Trump or just supporting the presidency of itself – just supporting the office. What is their take on it?

Cox and her dad leaves for Washington D.C. on Thursday.