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Important Dates, Tips For ID Voters As Election Approaches

For Idahoans voting in the November election, there are some dates and tips to keep in mind.

Susan Ripley, president of the League of Women Voters-Idaho, noted preregistration, online or by mail, closed Oct. 9, but people still have options for registering.

"You can go to the clerk's office, register to vote and then get your absentee ballot and vote at that time," Ripley explained. "So when you vote now, if you're not registered, you can register at the time you vote."

Ripley added if folks have moved or they've had a name change, they need to re-register. They may also need to update their signature if it's changed, since county clerks match the signatures with those on voter registration cards to validate ballots.

Many Idaho counties have early, in-person voting options until Oct. 30. Ripley said folks should check to find out where to do that, because it might be different than usual due to the pandemic.

She added to vote by mail, voters need to request an absentee ballot by Oct. 23.

"If you're going to mail it, mail it early so you make sure it gets there," Ripley urged. "Because that ballot has to be in the hands of the clerk Nov. 3, at the time the polls close."

Folks can also drop off their ballots at their local county clerk office or at drop boxes, if their county has them. Ripley said voters also can track their absentee ballots online at

The League of Women Voters has set up the website so people can find out more about local candidates.

Ripley said many voters are engaged in this election, but are concerned about the security of their ballots.

"They want to vote and they want their vote to be counted," Ripley stressed. "And that's, I think, the major echo that I'm hearing from people."

Support for this reporting was provided by The Carnegie Corporation of New York.