Utah Law Enforcement Believes Finding Gabby Petito Will Be ‘Difficult’ Without Boyfriend’s Help

Sep 17, 2021

Finding Gabby Petito, who was reported missing on Sept. 11, without her boyfriend Brian Laundrie's cooperation will be extremely difficult, according to law enforcement experts in Utah. 

Gabby wasn’t reported missing until two weeks after she was last seen in Salt Lake City. The one man who might know where she is, isn’t talking. Former Salt Lake Co. Sheriff and Moab Police Chief Jim Winder says Laundrie looks “guilty as hell.”


Laundrie is within his legal rights to stay quiet, but Winder says it “poses a problem of significance for law enforcement.” He says they will be in a tough situation if Laundrie continues to stay quiet.


Retired Unified Police deputy chief Chris Bertram says he believes the national attention on the case will help investigators make up for lost time.