Project Resilience: Becoming Resilient By Overcoming Resistance

The award-winning UPR production team and Utah State University's Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice, presents Project Resilience, a yearlong storytelling project created for any of us hoping to find ways to bounce back, recover, and develop our mental abilities. The stories found in the series hope to encourage social and personal resilience by introducing listeners to neighbors and friends who have experienced assault, personal loss, bullying, mental health challenges and other tragedies.

We're working with local, state and national organizations to make public radio programs, distribute a podcast, provide tools for living, and create a resilience resource database. 

  • Ideas for becoming more resilient can be found here. 
  • Resilient parenting tips can be found here.
  • The "Mental Health Crossroads" podcast, produced by MHDD, can be listned to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Podbean.
  • List of community connections will be available shortly. 
            Check back often for updates. 

Do you or your organization have a resiliency story you would like to share or a resource to add to our growing list? Call the UPR Project Resilience phone line to share your story or tip at (435) 797-9679 or email us at

Be sure to:

  • Leave your name and contact information
  • Share a brief description of your story or tip. 

The Project Resilience series premieres January 2020. 

Project Resilience is made possible in part by our members, the Utah State University Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice, and The Family Place.

Statewide Internet Safety Initiative Launches

Feb 11, 2020

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day and the launch of the statewide initiative, “Be Awesome Online.” The campaign has the goal of helping children and parents be safe on the internet.

Tall, orange brick apartment buildings against a blue sky.
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A bill that would provide one million dollars in one-time funding and nearly five million dollars in ongoing funds seeks to add 30 beds to the Utah State Mental Hospital. It would also improve supports, including housing assistance, for people after they are released.  


JoLynne Lyon



The Utah Legislature is now in full swing at the State Capitol. Last week, many people with disabilities and their families went there with the mission of learning how to tell lawmakers the ways policies affect their lives. 


Hasty Book List

Sadie Hoagland’s new book “American Grief in Four Stages,” a collection of short fiction, asks the question: why does our country do so little for the bereaved? Why do we have only empty cliché to address the grief of others? Why do we expect people to just "get over" insurmountable tragedy?          

UPR's Project Resilience Parenting Tips

Nov 22, 2019

Parenting can be the hardest and most rewarding thing some people will ever do. It is invigorating at times, and so often, it is just exhausting and makes us wonder about our own self-worth. These tips are to help increase our parenting resilience-- our ability to effectively keep it together when our kids are driving us nuts.

These tips are brought to you by UPR's Project Resilience. Learn more about the project here. Tips were written by Vonda Jump Norman, a social work professor at Utah State University and director of the Trauma Resilience Project at The Family PlaceAlex Schiwal, a researcher with Utah State University's Center for Persons with Disabilities, and David Forbush, an educational specialist at Utah State University's Center for Persons with Disabilities. 

UPR's Project Resilience Tips

Nov 22, 2019

Resilience is an important aspect of mental health and this series of tips will provide you with research-based ideas on how you can build your personal resiliency.  

These tips are brought to you by UPR's Project Resilience. Learn more about the project here. Tips were written by Matthew Wappett, director of USU Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice Alex Schiwal, a researcher with USU Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice Derrik Tollefson, head of USU's Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology, Kevin Webb with the I-System Institute at USU,  Em Capito an integrative psychotherapist and Susan Madsen, the founder and director of the Utah Women's Leadership Project.