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StoryCorps founder David Isay traveled to Utah where he met with healthcare providers, clinicians and caretakers to explain why storytelling can be a source of hope and healing.  In partnership with Intermountain Healthcare, Utah Public Radio is bringing these storytelling conversations to you, centered around the healthcare industry. The conversations in these segments are unique to Utah. 

Support for programming on Utah Public Radio comes from Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 24 hospitals, 215 clinics, 2,500 employed doctors and advanced practice providers, a health insurance company called SelectHealth, and other health services in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada.

Hope And Healing: Medic In The Military

Nov 7, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Adam Ellington knew as a child that he wanted to serve as a medic in the military, and he joined the Army at age 17. Today, Adam is a major with the U.S. Army Reserves 807th Medical Command Deployment Support, and also works full-time as a hospital quality and safety manager. Here, Adam talks with colleague Joel Thomas about his passion for his work as a medic and his service as a pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hope And Healing: The Ups And Downs Of Getting To Know The Medical Field At Such A Young Age

Oct 31, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Siblings Maylee and Alex Homer have spent a significant portion of their childhood in a healthcare setting. Maylee has grown up with lung disease and Alex was born with half a heart and has had a heart transplant. They discuss the ups and downs of being in the hospital for extended periods, learning to trust doctors, and making friends with other patients.

Hope And Healing: Evolving Into A Resilient Citizen

Oct 23, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

It’s been 20 years since Val Guerra became a U.S. citizen. Since then, she’s helped her husband, mom, and step dad all become citizens. From her first step off the plane from Guatemala as a timid school girl, to learning to skydive and becoming a grandmother, Val and longtime friend, Terri Draper, reflect on how she’s evolved since coming here.

Hope And Healing: Approaching Death With Empathy

Oct 21, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

For emergency medicine Drs. Adam Balls and Christopher Anderson, medical school didn’t provide a lot of training  on communicating to families after a loved one dies. But taking time to acknowledge and honor the life of the deceased, even briefly, has helped them process the experience better and have more empathy toward those left behind. 

Hope And Healing: Dealing With Difficult Patients Leads To Sweet Experiences

Oct 9, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

When a grumpy, 25-year-old jaw and throat cancer patient came in, nurse Sarah Larsen and her team made it their mission to be extra nice to him. After a few days, the patient opened up about the challenges he was going through.

Sarah and fellow nurse Jennie Wilder discuss how they make a difference to difficult patients by trying to relate to them, regardless of their attitude.

Hope And Healing: The Life Of A Hospital Therapy Dog

Oct 2, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Patrick has spent the last eight years as a certified therapy dog. He helps patients feel calm and at ease during their hospital stay. But his owners, Katie and Bob Elder, got their biggest surprise when an ICU doctor – after a long, stressful day – asked if Patrick could come visit to help her calm down from the day. She pulled Patrick in and just held onto him.

Hope And Healing: 'I Just Did What You Should Do'

Sep 25, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

While driving home from her job at a Utah hospital just after midnight in March 2018, Stephanie Dickey saw a car burning on the side of the road. She stopped and helped pull the driver out of the car, amid the flames. Here, she talks with her sister, Kiirsten Meng, about that night. "I don't consider myself a hero. I just did what you should do."

Hope And Healing: Reminiscing About Small-Hospital Life

Sep 18, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Over several decades serving as family medicine doctors, Drs. Steven Van Norman and Craig Booth have seen St. George, Utah grow from a sleepy town with a small hospital to one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the nation. “I do miss the small hospital,” says Dr. Booth, “We’d go in on Tuesdays to do surgery, and there would be a beautiful lemon-cream pie waiting for us."

Hope And Healing: Overcoming Pain And Helping Others

Sep 11, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Retired Army Sergeant Josh Hansen and his wife, Melissa, help veterans struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide to heal and live fuller lives. Josh considered suicide himself as he was recovering at home following eight direct hits from IEDs in Iraq. Melissa was by his side through it all. Josh found his turning point and regained his health and active lifestyle. He and Melissa now find joy helping other veterans. 

Hope And Healing: A College Education For 'A Better Future'

Sep 4, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Alberto Vasquez—number 10 of 15 children—spent much of his youth working in the farm fields of Idaho and Oregon. His dream and plan for a better future was a college education. Today, with a master’s degree and decades of healthcare leadership experience, Alberto serves not only as a hospital administrator, but as a martial-arts teacher and mentor to pay it forward and inspire kids in his community.

Hope And Healing: Learning Compassion And Empathy From International Medical Care

Aug 28, 2019

A desire to learn compassion and empathy from another culture led emergency medicine doctors Steve Caldwell, MD, and Benjamin Sill, MD, to each spend time providing healthcare in New Zealand. The country has great need for physicians, and they saw this as an opportunity to help. And each doctor and their families came home with an amazing adventure—and life lesson.

Hope And Healing: An Impactful Career Working With Preemies

Aug 22, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Neonatologist Erick Ridout, MD, has helped care for hundreds of preemies needing critical care. His work with other clinicians to reduce needle draws in preemies has significantly improved care and outcomes, while saving millions of dollars. He shares his published research with clinicians across the country. 

Hope And Healing: Finding Peace And Joy With Lobby Music

Aug 14, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Jerry Harrop and Lowell Harrop are brothers who serve as volunteers at a Utah hospital. For many years, they—along with other pianists—have shared their musical talents playing beautiful music on the grand piano in the hospital lobby, bringing peace and joy to hospital patients and guests.

Hope And Healing: Every Day A Gift With A Terminally Ill Child

Aug 7, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Auni, Caitlin and Dallin Naulu's first baby, was diagnosed with a terminal illness—spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Over the next 14 months before Auni passed away, clinicians, family and friends helped Auni live the best life she could. She brought joy and sunshine to all. 

Hope And Healing: The Power Of Empathy In Healthcare

Jul 31, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Surgeon Shane Lewis, MD, finds that listening to patients and learning more about who they are makes his work more effective and more satisfying. He and his wife, Dixie, share memories of one surgery patient, an 80-year-old Vietnam vet, who was worried about his wife at home alone. 

Hope And Healing: Healing After A Traffic Accident

Jul 25, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Monica Muncy is still emotional remembering when the car she was riding in hit Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Cade Brenchley's vehicle on a slick road. Cade spent several days in the hospital with broken bones and a torn ACL, and recovered fully. 

Hope And Healing: Life After An Amputation

Jul 17, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Hiking in the Utah mountains, Casey Hunter slipped and fell down a steep snowy incline and boulder patch. With his leg hanging and patched together with a make-shift tourniquet, he crawled up the mountain, found the cell phone he had dropped in the fall, and called his wife, Amy. A Life Flight hoist team rescued him from the slope. 

Hope And Healing: The Hopeful Future Of Cancer Prevention

Jul 9, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Oncologist Lincoln Nadauld, MD, has a passion for Precision Genomics. He and colleague Tazia Taylor work in a Utah cancer center. Dr. Nadauld's vision: "In 10 years, I see us preventing cancers and identifying them much earlier. So instead of waiting until someone has a cancer, and then finding it on a CT scan, I could see us drawing blood on patients when they're in their 20s and 30s and 40s and detecting cancer before it's a problem."

Hope And Healing: Nursing - It's In The Family

Jul 3, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Michelle Evans and Shannon Tripp, mother and daughter, found very different paths to the nursing careers they love. "Through everything, through the very rock bottom, you can still find gratitude and hope."

Hope And Healing: Successful Liver Transplant With An Infected Organ

Jun 27, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

When Peter Hammond was in end-stage liver failure and in dire need of a transplant, he was among the first patients in the nation to accept a healthy liver infected with hepatitis C and undergo a high-risk liver transplant. He was later cured of the disease.

Hope And Healing: 'Hurrah For The Pediatrician'

Jun 19, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

The original songs of Marty Nygaard, MD, a Utah pediatrician, have been making patients, doctors, and caregivers smile for more than two decades. Here, he and his wife, Louise, share memories and laughter.

Hope And Healing: Helping Your Aging Parent With Alzheimer's Disease

Jun 12, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Caring for aging parents with Alzheimer's was both tender and trying for LuAnn Lundquist and Jenny Jones. LuAnn remembers her father-in-law saying, "My grandkids are out here in the forest, and it's snowing..." LuAnn replied, "I'll make campout beds, and I'll go find the kids." Her father-in-law was asleep in 30 seconds.

Hope And Healing: Using Strength When It's The Only Thing Left

Jun 5, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Four years and seven brain surgeries after a traumatic ATV accident, Britton Shipp is walking, driving, working and inspiring others. Sommer remembers the key milestone for her, “I just couldn't wait to hear the words, ‘I love you mom,’ again.”

Hope And Healing: Singing To Calm Fear

May 29, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Cindy Henry reminisces with her 91-year-old father, Jim Greer, about how his singing to her as a child added joy and peace to her life. As an imaging tech at a Utah hospital, Cindy now sings to young patients to help calm their fears.

Hope And Healing: Search And Rescue Volunteers Saving Lives

May 22, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

Darrin Hawes and Keith Hambly are best friends and search and rescue volunteers in northern Utah. One Memorial Day, during a search and rescue mission, Darrin also helped save Keith’s life using CPR. When Keith’s heart started beating again, he underwent heart surgery and the placement of two stents that same day.