Salt Lake City Mission

Shelters are already full as Utah prepares for increasing cases of COVID-19.
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“The reality is, our shelters are full,” said Joe Vazquez, the co-executive director of the Salt Lake City Mission. He said in the 23 years he’s worked with rescue missions to help the homeless, he’s been involved with disasters before, but never one so massive as this one surrounding the coronavirus pandemic — especially since it’s been compounded by the aftermath of last week’s earthquake.

Mardi Gras donations Mardi Bra fundraiser at the Salt Lake City Mission in Utah.
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According to Family Promise Salt Lake, two-thirds of the homeless in Utah live in Salt Lake County. Joe Vazquez has been with Salt Lake City Mission for six years, but he’s worked with rescue missions for 23. He said while the reported numbers of the homeless in Utah are dropping, the number of individuals and families in poverty in the state is rising.