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UDOT Fixing Dangerous Curve in Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon cable barrier.jpg

Transportation officials have finished installing a barrier along a Logan Canyon curve where several vehicles have slid off the road and plunged into the river below. It's the first step in the Utah Department of Transportation's plan to reduce the number of accidents on this particular curve.

UDOT Spokesperson Vick Saunders says the 180-foot cable barrier will catch vehicles going too fast on the curve.

"About the 1st of August we will put a rougher surface on the road right there by the barrier. That will provide better traction when cars are actually driving through the area. But ultimately people need to slow down in the canyon."

A review of crash data by the Salt Lake Tribune showed 25 accidents had happened on the curve between 2007 - 2010. In 16 of those instances, the car ended up in the water. The curve got more attention after passers-by rescued 3 children trapped in a car that ended up in the icy river on New Year's Eve.