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Utah Receives Grant Money for Work Sharing Program


Nearly $100 million in federal grant money has recently been made available to states. How will Utah use this money and how will it help our job market?

Under the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, states have been attempting programs that will give employers an alternative to lay-offs. The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced a grant that is intended to aid states in the implementation of one of those programs.

Jason Kuruvilla from the U.S. Department of Labor said they chose work sharing because if its excellent track record:

"We know that it works in the states that have implemented it. We have examples from other countries like Germany that have used this program successfully to reduce unemployment."

Instead of laying off workers when times get tough, Kuruvilla said this program provides employers with the option of reducing a group of workers' hours and retaining all employees.

Currently 1/3 of the grant money will actually go toward the implementation of the grant. The other 2/3 will be used to promote its use to employers.

Brianna’s passion for journalism comes from a love of learning and a desire to know everything.  She studies Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at Utah State University and hopes one day to travel the world reporting hard news. She also works as the Aggie Radio news director and a reporter for USU TV.