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From New York to Utah: An Eyewitness Account of Hurricane Sandy


Monday night at 7:30, as Hurricane Sandy was passing through the city, Storee Powell talked with New York resident, Chelsey Gensel, a Cache Valley native and USU student majoring in liberal arts.

Sometimes tropical storms are sensationalized by the news. Gensel has the following recommendation for Utahns who are looking for good news sources about what's happening in New York.

"The WSJ [Wall Street Journal] and the New York times have taken down their paywalls so you can get access to their online news coverage. I get most of my news right now on Twitter. I follow the New York Transit Authority and Governor's office."

As a freelance reporter for the Cache Valley Daily and Utah Public Radio, Storee covers women's issues such as women in higher education and women's health. Storee is an award-winning journalist, having won more than 13 awards for her work at UPR. Storee is a graduate of Utah State University and works at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at USU doing PR and marketing.