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Energy Solutions Proposed Sale Worries Environmentalists

Energy Solutions sale utah hazardous waste nuclear

Energy Solutions is in the middle of a $1.1 billion deal to be purchased by Energy Capital Partners, a private equity firm. If the deal goes through Energy Capital Partners would bring the company back into private ownership and out of debt, but some worry the deal could bring other concerns for the state.

Energy Solutions President and CEO David Lockwood, released a statement saying “This transaction enables us to continue to execute on our strategic plan by providing the investment capital to expand and grow our business.”
But it’s those words,  that have some environmental groups like HEAL Utah concerned. Matt Pachenza, Policy Director for HEAL Utah says, he believes the deal means a lot more dangerous waste could be coming to Utah.

“When we hear that in the state of Utah we automatically assume more and more dangerous waste into Utah but we certainly think people need to remain wary."

However, House Majority Whip Greg Hughes is giving the sale a thumbs up, saying more money means waste being stored more responsibly.

“It would be kind of funny to say more dollars more investment means something bad.....dispose of that.”

Currently only Class A waste, the lowest level of radioactive waste is allowed to be disposed in Utah.