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Meeting Will Determine Dixie State College's New Name

dixie state college rename

In a meeting scheduled for Friday, the Dixie State College board of trustees will meet, and  on the agenda is  a vote for the institution's new name, should the school achieve university status.

The trustees will consider three alternatives forwarded to the college by Sorenson Advertising after many months of information gathering.
If the board places more weight on the local perspective, the ad firm recommends Dixie State University.  If however, a national or global perspective is the priority, St. George University should be the new name.

Finally, a balanced approach would be Dixie Utah University, or Dixie Utah State University.

The board also plans to issue a statement acknowledging that for a time Dixie State College did indeed embrace a confederate identity.  In 2009, the college’s mascot was changed from the “Rebels” to the “Red Storm.”