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Utah State University Professor Wins National Award

Utah State University professor Joyce Kinkead received the prestigious Carnegie Professor Award Thursday in Washington D.C.
Utah State University

Joyce Kinkead, professor of English at Utah State University was honored in Washington D.C. this week as the 2013 Carnegie Professor of the Year for the state of Utah.

The  award is given to professors who embody extraordinary commitment to undergraduate education and teaching.

Kinkead began her career at USU 31 years ago, working as the director of the writing center on campus. She has since worked in various positions at the university such as professor and dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

"Well, I think the award doesn't belong just to me, but it belongs to my department, my college and the university at large as well," said Kinkead. "It really speaks well to the commitment Utah State has for that combined emphasis on teaching and research."

This is not her first contribution to USU’s legacy of Carnegie Award winners; Kinkead helped bring the prestige of the award to Utah State University during her time as dean.

"In the early 1990's when I was dean, a notice about the Carnegie Professor's Award came across my desk and I thought, 'Awards for teaching? I mean Utah State has got to be involved in this,'" said Kinkead.

With her nomination efforts, USU received its first Carnegie Professor Award in 1995. Kinkead is now number 13 from USU to win the award.

"This is, for me, a recognition of what I've done over 30-plus years," said Kinkead.

300 professors were nominated nationwide this year and only 30 received the award.