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Mohave County Deputies And Colorado City Marshals Capture Salt Lake Fugitive

Mohave County Ariz. authorities have captured an escaped fugitive out of Salt Lake County with the help of the Colorado City Marshals Office.

Misty Lee Adams, 25, was wanted out of Salt Lake County on theft, felony escape and other charges. She cut off her court-ordered ankle bracelet and has been on the run since late November.

Mohave County deputies were looking for Adams, and the Colorado City Marshals were investigating reports of a stolen vehicle at the Cane Beds Address.

Deputies report that they took Adams into custody without incident, when her companion, 31-year-old Erza Jessop Barlow, of Cane Beds, lunged forward, wrapped both arms around Adams and refused to let go.

With the help of a taser, officered persuaded Barlow to release Adams. Barlow was taken into custody for resisting arrest and drug possession charges.