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What The Caucus? Utah Election Process Begins This Week

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This week, the November voting process begins with the caucus system. Tuesday and Thursday Democrats and Republicans will hold neighborhood caucus meetings at local schools, and other meeting places. Utah director of elections Mark Thomas says caucuses are just the beginning of the election cycle.

"Well, the caucus system is how political parties in Utah begin the process of selecting the candidates they ultimately nominate for the ballot,” he said.  

Those who attend the neighborhood meetings will not be casting a vote for a particular candidate, but rather for the person who will attend the party conventions April 26, 2014 to decide who will be on the primary ballots in June, and the eventual election in November.

"Candidates are still filing for office, and they’ll do so all the way through Thursday," Thomas said.  

You may want to pre-register, and you must bring a photo I D to your caucus. To find out where your neighborhood caucus is, visit vote.utah.gov