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New Fire Restrictions Implemented in Southern Utah

Fire blazing in Farmington

Wednesday, the BLM and other federal agencies, along with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands are set to institute fire restrictions across southwest Utah in light of drought and worsening hot, dry conditions.
The restrictions differ slightly depending upon the jurisdiction involved, but for the most part forbid open fires, welding, smoking outdoors in most cases, the discharge of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices and the use of exploding ammunition or targets.

Nick Howell of the BLM says fighting wildfires is a cooperative effort in Southern Utah.
"With state and federal resources, luckily we work really well together. We have to. I mean, it's the only way we can really get business done here in southern Utah with our fire load. It's just a huge chore to keep up with them, but 95 to 98 percent of our fires we keep small and that's because of the interagency effort."
These restrictions do not apply to incorporated towns and cities. Visit for the more exact information.