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Former Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing From USU


A former Utah State University employee pled guilty Monday to theft and forgery, both felony charges.

44-year-old Noell Hansen was accused of stealing over $38,000 from USU from 2011 to 2013 after working for the university for over 20 years.

  Media reports Hansen was able to embezzle the funds by keeping deposits until she had accrued multiple checks. After, she would take cash in the amount of a particular check to cover the missing money, then would submit the check instead of cash for that day’s deposit.

In addition to mishandling finances, she also forged other employees’ signatures and falsified log records.

"We received the audit on June 24... of 2013," said USU Spokesperson Tim Vitale.

Regarding the director of the USU Student Health and Wellness Center where Hansen worked, Vitale said, "When he saw what the audit was reporting, he put her on administrative leave and then she resigned about two weeks later."

She was charged in December with the second-degree felony of theft and 10 counts of forgery, each a third-degree felony, after an internal audit revealed the misconduct.

The defense claims the amount of money stolen may be inaccurate and has called for a restitution hearing to address the issue.

The Hyrum woman is scheduled to receive her sentencing August 11.