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Three-Fire Complex Rages In Southern Utah

UPR features firefighters battling a blaze.

Interagency fire fighters have combined efforts to fight three large fires near the Utah-Nevada border, called the MGC Complex Fire.

The Greek Peak Wildfire is 0 percent contained and rages on the Utah side of the border about 30 miles northwest of St. George.

Although it may seem that rainfall should be welcomed amid such dangerous conditions, attendant lightening is the number one cause of wildfires, and precipitation at this point doesn't always help that much. So says Professor Fred Lohrengel of Southern Utah University

"If you get too little, it just evaporates off the ground, and if you get too much it runs off the ground, and somewhere in there, there's that little delicate balance that makes it useful to us," Lohrengel said.

The Middle Ridge Fire has burned more than 1,300 acres. The Cottonwood Fire has burned more than 1,500. Both are 40 percent contained.