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Deer Valley Buys Out Solitude Mountain Resort

Deer Valley is in an agreement to purchase Solitude for an undisclosed amount of money.

Deer Valley Resort announced Friday that it has agreed to purchase Solitude Mountain Resort for an undisclosed amount of money. The acquisition will not close until the end of this ski season, said Deer Valley’s Colleen Reardon.

“We’ve signed it, but we won’t close until April 30. That gives us some great time to learn more about solitude and their operation; it’s been a really well run resort,” Reardon said.

She said the time between now and May will allow Deer Valley, which is based in Park City, to start planning any changes for the Big Cottonwood Canyon resort, including operations and marketing campaigns. Reardon said most changes will be small.

“We don’t really plan to make any changes, major changes in staffing,” Reardon said. “Each operation is very unique and I know we’ll be able to bring some economies of scale and some expertise to them, but we certainly need their staff’s expertise so that we can learn from them.”

Reardon says long-time visitors to Solitude won’t notice too much of a difference, at least at first. She said there are no immediate plans to change the facilities, adding that a name change isn’t planned, though the resort may decide to make it clearer that Solitude is part of what Reardon calls the “Deer Valley family.”

Snowboarders will continue to be allowed at Solitude.