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Randolph Woman Recieves National Weather Award

Evan Hall
Digerness has spent 20 years collecting data for the National Weather Service.

On Thursday, Jane Digerness of Randolph became the recipient of the John Companius Holm Award from the National Weather Service. The award is given annually to recognize outstanding members of the Cooperative Weather Observers Program. That same day, Digerness also received a 20-year Length-of-Service Award from the Department of Commerce.

60 weather stations in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho participate in the observer program. Information from across the country is used by the National Weather Service to predict climate around the United States. Weather forecasts are typically based off of these reports.

Digerness first became involved in the program two decades ago. She never considered becoming a weather observer until a neighbor introduced her to the program, says Digerness.

“The lady that had it was moving to Logan and so she was going to give it up. She and I had been talking back and forth. She lived on that corner of town, we lived on that corner of town and we’d compare notes from time to time,” Digerness said. “She asked one day if I’d like to do that job when she gave it up and I said ‘yeah, sure I’d like that.’  The next thing I knew she calls and told us to come down and get the thermometer and the recorder thing. So, we did. The Weather Service found me rather than me finding them.”

According to the National Weather Service, there are nearly 12,000 observer stations nationwide.