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Police Search For Walgreens Weekend Robbers

Three Walgreens pharmacies were robbed this weekend and police continue to search for the thieves.

Sunday morning, a man dressed in a hoodie, hat and surgical mask entered a Walgreens store in Logan and walked to the pharmacy where the he handed the pharmacist a note.

“The note basically said, ‘Give me what I want and nobody gets hurt.’ Of course what he wanted was narcotic pills,” Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said. “The pharmacist gave him what he wanted and he walked out without incident.”

Two other robberies occurred at Walgreens pharmacies across the state this weekend, one in Sugar House on Saturday night and another in Woods Cross Sunday afternoon.

Jensen said police are looking into the possibility that the incidents are related.

“We’re looking into the possibility and hoping that there is a relationship just based on the fact that then we would have several different agencies working the same situation,” Jensen said.

He added the cases have some similarities and that detectives are actively seeking to determine the identity of the thieves.