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Partial Solar Eclipse To Darken Utah Sky

T. Ruen
Three solar eclipses will happen in Utah this year.

A partial solar eclipse is headed our way Thursday afternoon. NASA Ambassador Patrick Wiggins said the moon will move in front of the sun starting at 3 p.m. and continue until just after 5 p.m.

“Now it won’t cover it up completely, at maximum it will be a little less than half covered, but still that’s a nice taste for the total eclipse of the sun that we’ve got coming up in 2017 up in Idaho,” Wiggins said.

The number of eclipses varies from year to year; this year the state will see three.

Wiggins reminds listeners that proper viewing equipment is needed for this cosmic show.

“Unlike the lunar eclipses we had earlier this year where you could just stare and howl at them all you wanted, this you need to protect your eyes,” Wiggins said. “Please make sure you are using approved gear for looking at this eclipse.”

Besides using approved eye wear, pinhole projectors are a good way to watch these two celestial bodies pass one another.