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St. George Boulevard Evacuated In Standoff

Update at 7:45 a.m.:

It appears that the situation has concluded, although we have no confirmation from law enforcement as to the present circumstances. Standing by for statement from St. George Police.

Update at 7:30 a.m.:

Standoff continues.  Several loud noises heard, presumed to be flash grenades used by SWAT team to draw out suspect. St. George Blvd is open but several businesses nearby remain closed.

Original Story at 6:45 a.m.

There is an ongoing standoff situation in St. George. This is what we know: at just after midnight, the St. George communications center received a report of shots being fired in a residential area of downtown St. George, near 500 E St. George Blvd.

The person firing the gun is contained within a residence. St. George Blvd. was closed for a few hours while the situation was stabilized. It has since been opened. Right-Aid, Perks, and the parking area associated with those businesses are closed at this time.

Voluntary evacuation has taken place for residents in the immediate area of the incident. The Red Cross has opened up a support center for the evacuees.

The subject firing the weapon has been, and continues to remain, in the residence where the shots were fired. The St. George Police Department is working to try and establish contact with the subject to resolve the incident peacefully.