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Crumb Brothers Returns To The Booming Utah Small Business Sector

There are an estimated 250,000 small businesses in Utah, which employ 500,000 employees according to the Utah Small Business Profile. Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread is one of those small businesses; the bakery reopened Sept. 19 in Logan under new owners.

 Loyal customers were saddened to see Crumb Brothers close their doors in March of this year but are delighted now to have them return.


“I am a local food blogger, under the name The Complete Savorist, who started a little over a year and a half ago, and I’m here today to celebrate the Crumb Brothers Grand Reopening. The place is buzzing and the community is glad to have them back,” Michelle De La Cerda says.


“I am an old customer here, I have a lot of friends here, I enjoy it,” Bill Jensen says. “It is like being home again. I love this place.” 


Patrons of small, local companies, like Crumb Brothers, are not alone in appreciation of their business.


Jeff Edwards, the president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, says small businesses are the backbone of Utah’s economy, important in serving both large urban centers and in small communities. 


“Small businesses are essential in all parts of the state, but it is even more important for small communities," Edwards says. "Many times in small communities, businesses are there that have been there for a long time. A lot of times they are family owned and so they’ve got a long history in the community.” 


Edwards says another important aspect to consider: Small business owners employ nearly half of Utah’s workforce.