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Judge Considers Second Release Of FLDS Men

FLDS leaders John Wayman and Seth Jeffs

A federal judge in Utah is considering whether or not to again release from jail, two men in the FLDS food stamps fraud case—this, after the pair were returned to jail after violating the agreement of the court upon their first release.

Seth Jeffs and John Wayman were released from jail, awaiting trial when they made contact with imprisoned FLDS Church Leader Warren Jeffs, a violation of the terms of their release.

Now, lawyers for the men want a judge to again set them free.  The request also comes after another defendant in the case, Lyle Jeffs while on release, removed an ankle bracelet and remains on the run.  Cedar City private investigator Sam Brower.

“The fact that he left is not surprise to me or anybody who’s worked around the FLDS before," said Sam Brower, a Cedar City private investigator. "What is a surprise to me is that the court would turn him loose.”

Both Seth and Lyle Jeffs are brothers to Warren Jeffs, and were implicated in hiding him justice when he was on the FBI’s most wanted list.