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What Are Mike Noel's Chances As BLM Director?


Conservative state legislator Mike Noel is among several names being considered for the position of director of the Bureau of Land Management. But how likely is it the controversial appointment would become reality? 

Mike Noel worked for the BLM before becoming a state representative and working with the Kane County Water Conservancy. Noel says he is interested, and is currently gathering support.

“I’m officially in the running. I’ve been lining up endorsement. Pretty much all of the elected officials in the state have endorse me. The governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, all of the Utah Congressional Delegation,” Noel said.

He says the work of Utah’s senior senator will be critical.

“All indications are he does have at least some ear of the president-election, so I probably have a pretty good chance. Maybe better than 50-50,” Noel said.

A decision could come as early as next week.