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Utah Is One Of The Safest States To Online Date According To Report


 A report out from companies SafeWise and High Speed Internet ranks the safest and most dangerous states for online dating.

There’s been a growing popularity of apps and websites to help people meet online. Like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, okcupid, match.com, the list goes on. But how safe is it to use these websites?


The report found that Utah is the fourth safest state for online dating. The biggest factors weighed in the report were crime per capita, cyber crime rates and reported cases of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

Utah came in just behind Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.

According to Kaz Weida, a writer for highspeedinternet.com, Utah has a lot of outliers compared to other states that ranked safe.

“It’s a bit puzzling, because most of our correlations show the same thing--the higher the church attendance, the less likely a state is to have sex education and to talk about sex in general. And so typically they’ll have a higher STD rate," Weida says.

But that’s not the case in Utah. The state’s low STD rate is one of the reasons Utah ranks high.

The worst areas to date online according to the report are the District of Columbia., Alaska and Louisiana. Weida says that could be due to higher incarceration rates and increased prostitution in those areas which can lead to high STD rates.