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Isolated Fire Halts School Day At Cedar High School

The sound of a smoke alarm brought a premature end to the school day at Cedar High School, Monday.  Cedar City Fire Department responded and did locate a small electrical fire in the area of the counseling offices.

Just a few minutes before classes were to come to an end, smoke was detected and an alarm sounded.  Students were quickly ushered out the doors.

"We had a report of some smoke near the counseling center," said Rich Nielson, head of secondary schools for Iron County School District. "So the alarms went off, students evacuated and the fire departments determined there was an electrical that they are working to make sure is out. So all of the students have been excused to go home, get on the buses and take off, however, there are a number of students that left cell phone and keys in their classrooms so they are choosing right now to hang out and hope that they can get into the building and retrieve their items as soon as the fire department clears the building."

There were no injuries and damage was limited.