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Falling Boulder Injures Woman Hiking Utah Mountain Trail


A woman hiking on a Utah mountain trail has been rescued after she was injured by a falling boulder.

The boulder hit the 70-year-old woman Monday while she, her husband and friends were climbing near the top of Hayden Peak on the Highline Trail, Summit County Sheriff's Lt. Andrew Wright said.

Wade Meier said he was able to catch his friend as she started to fall.

"Next thing I knew she was coming down in front of me," Meier told KSL-TV . "Not really sure what happened right then. I think somebody else other than me was there and stopped her. But I reached down and kind of caught her under the arm, which was good because she would have gone a long way had I not caught her."

The group found an area with cellphone service and called for help.

A rescue helicopter hoisted the woman from the trail and an ambulance took her to a hospital.

The woman possibly broke a femur and had injuries to her arm and head, Wright said.

"I believe that she was blessed that she didn't get hurt any worse than she was," said Paul Richins, the woman's husband. "She got through it — that's why I believe in prayer even more."

The trail is about 60 miles (96.5 kilometers) east of Oakley.