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Logan Sixth Graders Research, Discuss Their Views On The Future Of Bears Ears

Bob Wick, BLM

Sixth graders at Edith Bowen Laboratory School in Logan conducted an outdoor rally on the playground on Thursday. The topic of discussion: what should be done with the land of Bears Ears national monument.

Some of the students at Edith Bowen were in favor of preserving the land, like Brooke. 


“We want to make it a national monument because Native Americans— that’s what they want and it was their land originally,” she said.


Other students, like Harley, felt the land should be mined for natural resources. 


“A lot of people would lose their jobs without mining and if you’re worried about the land being tarnished by mining, miners make sure the land is restored and they make sure they stay away from the ruins,” Harley said.


Gage was one of the students in favor of managing the land for rancher use.


“We want the ranching to be for Bears Ears because we use so much of America already for ranching that if we don’t have these small little areas as well, then we can’t have all these meat products,” he said.


After researching each position and choosing which to defend, the sixth graders put together the rally for the rest of the students to attend. Each group had games and speeches prepared to try to convince their younger classmates. 


Gage gave his speech to the students waiting in line to play his group's game: lassoing bottles to win some candy.


“It helps us learn how to persuade people on issues like Bears Ears,” he said.


After the students visited each booth, they voted on which side they supported. 


Sixth grade teacher Stuart Baggaley said it’s good for the students to have experience with rallies and voting on a small scale, so they’re ready for the real deal when they’re older. 


“In the time we live today,” Stuart said, “it’s good to know what’s important and it’s good to know how to research and argue for a point, and it’s good to stick up for what you think.”