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Man Arrested For Robbing Two Credit Unions With 'Thank You' Notes

A man has been arrested and accused of robbing two credit unions using demand notes that both ended with the words, “thank you”.

According to KSL, on Monday, the bank robber showed a note to the teller that said, “This is a stick up! I need $12,000 on the counter now! Or I will shoot. No dye packs No GPS No alarms/Don't be a hero. Please don't be a hero — people will die! You have five seconds before I shoot — Thank you," according to the police.

Alan Khalid Karam is suspected of the robbery because his fingerprints match those found on one of the robbery notes. The police surveyed his home and arrested him as he attempted to leave.


Karam was booked on Monday for investigation of two counts of aggravated robbery. Within two weeks Karam is suspected to have robbed both a Cyprus Credit Union and a Mountain America Credit Union.


He said he was unemployed and denied state assistance. Karam said that he owes several people money who could possibly threaten the safety of his family and children. This led to his decision to rob the banks.