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Traffic Stop Discovers Over $1.2 Million In Narcotics

Over $1.2 million in methamphetamine and fentanyl was discovered in a traffic stop in Washington city. The two men driving the vehicle said they were on their way to Salt Lake City from Las Vegas.

According to St. George News, the officer pulled the car over after watching the car violate three different driving regulations. The driver and passenger reportedly pretended to not speak English.

A K-9 was used to discover the presence of narcotics in the car. The officers found a large plastic bag containing 21 smaller bags inside each holding methamphetamine. 


Continuing their search, the police found a box behind the driver’s seat containing thousands of pills that contained fentanyl. 


Altogether the police found over 21 pounds of methamphetamine and 10 pounds of fentanyl. The driver and passenger were taken to Purgatory Correctional Facility where each are facing two second-degree felony counts of possession with intent to distribute.