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Liz Phair, Making 'Somebody's Miracle'

Liz Phair burst onto the independent music scene in 1993 with Exile in Guyville, a fierce, funny, confessional -- and occasionally obscene -- portrait of her life at the time. Since then she's married, divorced, become a mother and, as she puts it, started enjoying her life.

"To be reflecting the same issues that you had at 23 when you're 36 just seemed false to me, it just rang false," Phair says.

The new, sunnier Phair has been quite a shock to her fans. They accused her of selling out when she worked with The Matrix, a pop producing team, for her last album.

Her new release, Somebody's Miracle, also features a cleaner pop sound, but with an edge that fans of Phair's earlier work will recognize.

Phair and her guitarist, Dino Meneghin, joined Weekend All Things Considered host Debbie Elliott recently for a performance chat in NPR's studio 4A.

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