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Weekdays 9:00- 10:00 a.m., 7:00- 8:00 p.m.

Access Utah is UPR's original program focusing on the things that matter to Utah. The hour-long show airs live Monday-Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

Access Utah covers everything from pets to politics in a range of formats from in-depth interviews to call-in shows.

Email us at upraccess@gmail.com or call at 1-800-826-1495. Join the discussion!

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Latest Episodes
  • Where can you find a chunk of the Matterhorn enshrined at a Utah ski resort? What is the origin of Iosepa, the Hawaiian ghost town in the desert? And why is Utah called the Beehive State?
  • "To Boldly Grow" allows us to journey alongside Tamar Haspel as she learns to scrounge dinner from the landscape around her and discovers that a direct connection to what we eat can utterly change the way we think about our food — and ourselves.
  • "Time to Think Small" examines ways we can leverage the growing power of smartphones and other technologies to protect threatened species, reduce the risk from climate change and stop ocean plastic.
  • Today we’ll talk to two reporters participating in the Great Salt Lake Collaborative who recently traveled to Las Vegas to learn what that water-starved city is doing and what Utah might learn from them.
  • We revisit our conversation with Rabbi Steve Leder about life, death and the concept or writing an ethical will.
  • On this episode we talk about math. We're joined David Brown who recently delivered the 47th Annual Honors Last Lecture on the USU Logan Campus, which was entitled: Our Sixth Sense: Math.
  • On this episode we're joined by zoologist Bill Schutt to talk about the origins of circulation, still evident in microorganisms today, to the tiny hardworking pumps of worms, to the golf-cart-size hearts of blue whales.
  • We revisit our conversation with Jim Enote to talk about the different ways that western scientists and Native people understand the world, Bears Ears National Monument, challenges facing the Colorado Plateau, Native response to rock art and more.
  • On this episode we talk folklore and music with Steven Hatcher, the Idaho Folk Arts Coordinator, and Damian Rodriguez, a Tejano musician who performed as part of the 2022 Fife Honor lecture.
  • On this episode, we discuss how Utah’s trigger law (SB 174) went into effect briefly following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision earlier this year, but is now being appealed and an injunction is in place.