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Wanted: Constable For Island Just One Fried Egg Short Of Paradise


Now from the Isles of Scilly, that's spelled S-C-I-L-L-Y, it's a group of rocky islands off the southwestern tip of Britain, home to about 2,200 people. This week, Sergeant Colin Taylor posted the police department's latest job opening. Taylor was brutally honest about life for a Scilly constable, and it's not just about setting speed traps for golf carts. Be prepared for calls in the middle of the night, he wrote on the department's popular Facebook page. Police once had to break up a fight between two drunk chefs over which is better, sea salt or rock salt. Sergeant Taylor cautions that there are wildlife encounters such as the goldfish left on the steps of the police station. And there are cold cases that may never be solved, like when someone forced open a shed door the soccer club. The only clue was a fried egg left at the scene. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.