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Professional Women Dress Up For Comic Con

Stephanie Stowell
Stephanie Stowell, Rachel Hamm, and Ally Bailey dressed up as steam punk characters at SLC Comic Con

Salt Lake City’s Comic Con event set a new Guinness World record Friday for the largest gathering of people dressed as comic book characters and three of those who participated are professional businesswomen Stephanie Stowell, an entrepreneur in Logan, Ally Bailey and Rachel Hamm who are business managers at Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts.

Stowell is a cosmetologist and owns Trichology Hair Salon in Logan where she was styling Hamm’s hair before they leave for the three day event. Hamm said they had no problems talking Stowell into joining them.

“She totally was drawn by the costumes," Hamm said. "It’s all about dressing up.”

All three ladies began making their costumes weeks in advance. Hamm went as a female steam punk Ironman, their friend as a steam punk Captain America and Stowell as a female steam punk Thor.

Stowell had ordered a cosplay ax for one of her costumes for the event and was surprised when an actual ax was delivered.

“Just because you type in, 'Cosplay,' doesn’t mean that is what will really pop up," Stowell said. "So I don’t know, 'Read the description,' I learned .”

Not a comic book follower, Stowell said she’s always up for a good time.

“How fun to look at all the costumes and what everyone comes up with," Stowell said. "It sounded like a party and can you not have fun with your two girlfriends? I don’t’ even know what to expect.”

Hamm is an avid comic con attendee.

“I’ve been to a couple of star trek conventions years and years ago when conventions weren’t huge," Hamm said. "And I’ve seen the pictures of San Diego Comic Con and so it was one of those things, 'I just wanted to do it and do it once.' And so last year Allie and I went and while we were there, I thought it was going to be a once time event, and while we were there we started talking 'Oh, next year we can dress up as..' and started planning our costumes and  we talked Steph into coming with us”

The three friends were in a lottery to meet actor Chris Evans aka, Captain America, and were thrilled when all three won and got to take pictures with him agreeing it was the highlight of the event.