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Cache County Seeks Water District Board Members


Cache County officials are seeking nominations for members of the Cache Water District Board of Trustees. The board is being organized after voters approved the creation of a water district in November.

Backers of a 2013 Water Master Plan spent 2016 working to convince Northern Utah voters that a water district would protect water interests and benefit the environment, meet agricultural needs and provide for municipal water demands.

Work groups prepared bylaws and campaigned in a way that eventually led to the measure being placed on November's ballot in all municipalities. There were debates, editorials, and opposition to an idea some said would lead to an increase in taxes and a decrease in control over area water projects.

The majority of voters approved the formation of the district and now the Cache County Council is calling on the public to help select those who will serve on the 11-member board to manage the water district.

The Cache Water District Implementation Team will be arranging and conducting interviews of candidates beginning January 12, 2017. Selected individuals will be submitted for appointment to the Cache Water District Board of Trustees at the Cache County Council meeting on January 24, 2017.

The Cache Water District Board of Trustees will consist of eleven individuals: one from each of the current Cache County Council districts; three at-large; and one representing agriculture.

Nominations must be submitted to the Cache County Executive Office by 5:00 p.m. January 9, 2017.