Tweet Leads To Raising Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To Help Utahns In Need

Nov 24, 2020

In less than 24-hours, many Utahns have come together virtually to raise tens of thousands of dollars for people in the state who are in need.

Monday evening, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Andy Larsen tweeted that he had just taken a jar of coins to the bank and now had $165.48 he wanted to give to a few people who needed a little extra holiday help. Without Larsen asking, people on Twitter began offering to match the money. As the re-tweets increased, so did the donations. Overnight, over $45,000 were raised and the number is still increasing.

Larsen tweeted Tuesday morning that he has been vetting the more than one hundred requests for aid he has received. He said most of the people who have reached out live in Utah and that the money will be used to help them as soon as possible.