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Northern Utah Elementary Schoolers Show Appreciation For Healthcare Workers With Art

To show support for healthcare workers, teachers and students from school districts in Northern Utah created a collaborative art project they called “The Guardian Project.”As part of the project, educators and students in Box Elder and Cache counties created banners to display their appreciation for local healthcare workers. 

“I got my first set of students’ work out to Sunshine Terrace, a care facility for the elderly. And that’s where the whole guardians thing set out because it was guardians of the grandparents. And it really resonated with students because they all love ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’” said Lisa Saunderson, the BTSArts Visual Art Educator at Edith Bowen Laboratory School. 


Saunderson communicated with fellow BTSArts educators to spread the word about the project and many teachers were excited to join in with their classes. 


The banners created for the project were delivered earlier this year to many locations including the Bear River Health Department, Logan Regional Hospital, the USU COVID-19 testing site, and various assisted living centers. 


Saunderson said the banners included positive messages to healthcare workers from the students who worked on them. 


“When you talk to a child, they’re just amazed at whatever it is you’ve accomplished,” she said.  “And so it was like, let’s try to help them connect with these healthcare workers.”

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