UDOT Says 'Keep Snow On Your Property'

Feb 20, 2019

So much of Utah received a fresh blanket of snow this past week, and the Utah Department of Transportation has some guidelines for those shoveling their walkways. 

Keep the snow on your property – that’s basically it. UDOT is reminding property owners that all snow being removed from sidewalks and driveways should not be plowed or shoveled out into the streets.

Snow and ice removal from the state highway infrastructure is actually classified as an emergency operation, meaning it takes precedence above all other work. So, as Lisa Wilson from UDOT says, anything that causes a delay in the snow-removal operation needs to be avoided.

She also notes that this rule comes from the Utah Criminal and Traffic Code, that stats if any person puts anything on a public highway, either willfully or carelessly, they may be guilty of a class B misdemeanor.