Utah House Of Representatives Makes Viral Rap Video

Mar 5, 2018

Representative John Knotwell said House Majority Communications staff are always looking for ways to help Utah politicians seem more relatable to their constituents. He said that was probably the idea behind the rap.

“They thought this might be something fun to do and I think we played along,” he said. “Sometimes other things work better, I think, than others, but I think that’s the reason.”

The photo accompanying the CNN story about the video is a screenshot of Knotwell taken from the video.

“I heard, yeah,” he said. “I’ve received some texts and Facebook posts.”

The rap was also featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“This is a parody version of the theme to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that explains how a bill becomes a law,” Colbert said. “And this video was done by the noted rap group the Utah House of Representatives.”

The rap features Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and several other Utah Representatives.

“If you’ve got a connection to Will Smith, maybe you could reach out to him and tell him we need help,” Knotwell said.

Knotwell said he’s not worried about the response to the video.

“It’s certainly a very poor rap, but I also think it shows that we can take our work seriously, but we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously,” Knotwell said.