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Death from the Skies: an Apocalyptic Science Questions

Get ready for a live Science Questions, when Sheri Quinn learns all about the end of the world from astronomer Phil Plait. Will a coronal mass ejection and solar flares knock out half the Earth's power and leave millions in the cold? Will a huge asteroid strike the Earth and send us the way of the dinosaurs? Perhaps our planet will be sucked into a giant black hole. Scariest of all could be supernovae close enough to cause mass extinction.

Dr. Plait is  professional sky-is-falling kind of guy, author of Death from the Skies and blogger at Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy blog.  He's the guest on Science Questions Friday, April 27, in anticipation of the "Science Unwrapped" lecture he'll be giving at Utah State University's Eccles Science Learning Center at 7:00 p.m. in Logan.