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What's In Your Diet?


Can you imagine a diet without added sugars? Maybe you would eliminate it, but would your family join you? Author Eve Schaub convinced her husband and kids to join her on a year-long diet, omitting added sugars from their plates and published their journey in Year of No Sugar: a Memoir

Utah Public Radio wants to hear about your healthy choices or crazy diets for an upcoming segment on Access Utah. Maybe your family began eating less red meat or you went all-together vegetarian. Or maybe you decided to cut out preservatives and overly-processed foods for the health benefits. Whatever your story, UPR wants to hear it.

Fill out this brief form to share your experience. Have you dieted to lose weight or just to be more healthy? Did a film documentary change your mind about meat or corn? How often do you read labels? Does your diet reflect your lifestyle or your beliefs? Share here.