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UnDisciplined: Making A Scientific Match

This week on UnDisciplined, we're dedicating an entire episode to some of our favorite scientific match-ups.

Every week on UnDisciplined, we put to researchers from completely different fields together and see what connections they can make. 

Sometimes those connections can be so good, we can't help wanting more than what just one episode will allow. So this week, we put together an entire episode of some of our favorite scientific match-ups. 

We'll first hear from Anna Cohen and David Geller, an anthropologist and aerospace engineer who both joined us in July 2018. 

Next, we'll hear a conversation between Joseph Wilson and Mirella Meyer-Ficca, an entomologist and a molecular geneticist who joined us on the show in December 2018. 

And finally, we'll revisit a discussion between organizational psychologist Shefali Patil and wildland ecologist Dan MacNulty.