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A Look At The Legacy Of Southern Utah Uranium Mills

Russ Beck, an author and a Senior Lecturer in the USU English Department, recently spent some time in southeastern Utah researching the history of uranium mining and milling and talking with local residents about the after-effects of the uranium boom in the Moab/Monticello/Blanding area.

If you know someone who has been adversely affected by uranium mill down winding contact the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to see if you qualify for medical funding. Especially if they lived near or on the Colorado Plateau between the 40s and 90s and experienced lung cancer, pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, or emphysema. You can call 800.728.RECP or look to CDC’s website for more information. Other resources:

National Cancer Benefits Center  800-414-4328

Office of Navajo Uranium Workers  505-368-1260